Abbott Sir John Joseph Caldwell 1821-1893 Educated At Mcgill

University; studied law and called to the bar of Lower Canada, 1847. A

candidate for the Legislative Assembly for Argenteuil, 1857, but

defeated by Sydney Bellingham. Bellingham subsequently unseated and

Abbott declared elected, 1860. Solicitor-general for Lower Canada in

Macdonald-Sicotte ministry, 1862-1863, and for a few days retained same

position in Macdonald-Dorion ministry. From 1867 to 1874 and from 1880

to 188
represented Argenteuil in House of Commons. May, 1887, admitted

to Macdonald ministry as minister without portfolio, and at same time

appointed to Senate, where he became leader of Conservative party. On

death of Macdonald, became prime minister, June, 1891; held this

position until ill health compelled him to resign, November, 1892. A

recognized authority on questions of commercial and constitutional law.

Framed Insolvent Act of 1864, and Jury Law Consolidation Act of Lower

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